Things to Consider in Cleaning Windows

It’s a pleasurable moment when you get to see those lovely summer skies through your well-cleaned windows. The question is “Do you have the patience to do it? Will you have time to perform it?” “Are there window cleaning near me?” If your answer to both is NO, then you might consider hiring professional window cleaning service contractors. They have the patience to handle your windows’ mess. They might even take care those odd jobs on your behalf. More importantly, you will be spared from using your time to clean. If you’ve been eyeing to treat your loved ones for some quality time, you can definitely do that without compromising your windows for they’ll now be taken care of by the contractors.

If you’re still undecided whether to hire a professional window cleaning contractor or to do it all by yourself, there are two notions to consider (aside from patience and time) before you draw your conclusion on window washing:

  • Safety- Do you own the right tools to be used, especially in areas that are hard to reach? Do they promote safety?
  • Quality- Do the window cleaning products you own bring quality results? Or do they have the tendency to lose their function in just a matter of days?

If majority of your answers are on the negative side, we really encourage you to hire an expert. If this will be your first time to hire a paid cleaner, educate yourself with some of the things you need to prepare in dealing with professional window cleaners/washers.

Clean the blinds

The usual sources of dusts in window panes are blinds. No matter how clean your window is, if it’s paired with dirty blinds, most likely your windows will still collect dust from it. If you’re unwilling to clean them, ask the contractors to include them as an add-on service. They might

even apply cleaning products to your blinds that would deter staying of dusts.

Inquire about odd jobs.

Odd jobs are the ones that seem to be unexpected from the set of tasks for a service. In the case of window cleaners, they bring tall ladders with them during the operation. They use this to reach interior and exterior high windows. That said, inquire if they can include dusting of ceiling fans, changing of light bulbs, cleaning of chandeliers, and whatnot. Along with these tasks come a price. So be sure to ask about it. You can request for a full quotation of the service once they have finished ocular inspection of your windows.

Consider window screens

If the screens of your windows are placed outside, most likely, they’ll be dirtier than the ones that are placed inside. That said, they need more time for a thorough cleaning. As standard operating procedure, this process will need a cleaning solution and not just stick to ordinary wet towels. For us untrained housekeepers, we believe that a simple wiping will do the trick. Little did we know; this action can definitely circulate dusts. What’s the point of cleaning if we’ll still circulate those dusts?